Do Traditional Remedies for Nosebleeds Work?

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In the event of a light, one-time nosebleed, you can quite easily stop the haemorrhage yourself. If the flow isn’t too heavy and your overall condition is good, just take the right steps.

Nosebleeds: the right steps

Start by relaxing and delicately blow your nose to remove the blood clots and clean the cavity. Only blow your nose once and very gently, to avoid making the bleeding worse.

Then, sit down and tilt your head slightly forward. Breathe through your mouth to let your mucous membrane coagulate without being disturbed by the air flow. Don’t tilt your head back; otherwise, the blood will flow into your throat.

Finally, pinch your nostrils with your thumb and index finger, just below the nasal cartilage. Maintain the pressure for at least 7 minutes until the blood coagulates. If that isn’t sufficient, press again for 10 more minutes.

Additional remedies

In most cases, the nosebleed will resolve itself on its own with the previous method. There are also some other traditional tips:

  • Apply ice above the nose (on the sinuses) or place a cold compress under the nose. The cold will contract the blood vessels and reduce the bleeding.
  • Insert a saline solution or some lemon juice into the nose to stop the bleeding and disinfect it.
  • Dab the damaged mucous membrane with a sterile compress to absorb the blood.
  • Insert a haemostatic plug (or sponge) into the nose, which will accelerate coagulation and healing.

The limitations of the traditional methods

Even though these traditional remedies are effective overall at stopping a nosebleed, they don’t prevent it from reappearing.

Indeed, a ruptured blood vessel requires about ten days to repair itself completely. During this period, it’s therefore weakened and can start bleeding again much more easily, if you blow your nose or sneeze, for example. That’s why some people even have their vascular plexus cauterized by their doctor, to prevent repeated epistaxis.

For better healing, it’s also possible to apply a special product, such as Nozohaem, which will effectively stop nosebleeds and stimulate healing.


Traditional remedies are therefore effective at stopping nosebleeds in about ten minutes. But the mucous membrane remains very fragile for several days. A healing product can therefore be used in addition.

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