How to Stop a Bloody Nose Naturally

Occurring suddenly and very frequently in certain people, nosebleeds are sometimes hard to bear, and can even put us in embarrassing situations. How do you stop a bloody nose, also known as epistaxis? Here are some simple and natural solutions for stopping your nosebleeds in no time.

Stop a Bloody Nose in an Instant With Nozohaem

Nozohaem is a natural, unique, discreet, and effective treatment that stops nosebleeds in an instant. Thanks to a discreet applicator that can be inserted directly into your nostrils, it really is possible to stop a bloody nose in no time. In fact, the Nozohaem treatment acts on the natural healing process of the nosebleed by promoting normal and natural clotting. Thanks to a transparent gel and a slight pressure on the area of the bleeding, the magic of fast healing happens, and the person affected by this inconvenience can return to their activities in peace. Nozohaem gel and its unique formula remain inside the subject’s nostrils for about thirty minutes before being eliminated naturally and without any disturbance. Very easy to use, it’s therefore recommended to always have the Nozohaem treatment at hand, whether you’re regularly or rarely affected by nosebleeds.

What to Do in Case of a Nosebleed

  • – Sit down in a chair
  • – Lean slightly forward, since an upright position puts pressure on the veins, while leaning forward prevents the blood from flowing into the throat and thus leading to other inconveniences caused by the nosebleed
  • – Blow your nose to remove any blood clots that might impede the natural flow of your blood
  • – Insert the tube and the Nozohaem gel into the nostril(s) that are bleeding
  • – Gently compress the nostrils affected by the nosebleed with your thumb and index finger.

Natural Preventive Treatment

Even though it can’t stop a nosebleed that has already started, natural medicine called phytotherapy can prevent the risks and reoccurrence of nosebleeds. One natural, preventive, and effective treatment for repeated nosebleeds involves using bramble leaves, which have antiseptic and healing properties. To do this, you just have to spray the inside of your nostrils abundantly several times a day for at least two weeks with a preparation of bramble leaves (a handful) infused for 10 minutes in boiling water beforehand.

What Causes Nosebleeds

Even if nosebleeds happen spontaneously, they correspond to the end of a process of the drying and hardening of the nasal mucosa, which then causes cracks to form inside the nostrils. This process thus occurs frequently in older people, whose blood doesn’t clot as well as before, but also in people who take anticoagulants. In exceptional cases, a nosebleed may also occur if you blow your nose too forcefully, if you injure your nose, or if you go to a place at high altitude or with low humidity in the air. A nosebleed can also be a symptom of a condition such as a cold, an allergy, sinusitis, high blood pressure, or a calcium or vitamin C deficiency.

If your nosebleeds become frequent, or if you have any doubt about the presence of a more serious condition such as hypertension, it’s important to consult your doctor quickly.