Nosebleeds and Stress : Is There a Direct Link ?

A nosebleed, also known as epistaxis, is a hemorrhage expelled by the nose that is benign in most cases, but which can be impressive and even uncomfortable in various situations. It’s often said that nosebleeds are caused by stress, but is there a direct link between nosebleeds and stress, and do other causes exist?

Nosebleeds in Cases of Stress

Even though there is no direct link between stress and nosebleeds, there are several indirect links between them. Stress is a strong emotion that can cause a sudden increase in blood pressure (hypertension), which causes nosebleeds. In all cases, the neurovegetative felting in the nose, which reacts strongly to strong emotions, can cause a nosebleed in the event of a significant stressful episode.

Nosebleeds and Hypertension

A silent condition, hypertension, which means elevated blood pressure in the body, can be caused by bad stress, which can then itself cause major nosebleeds. Indeed, hypertension means that the blood is pushed too quickly through the vessels, which can then weaken and break, which may then cause a hemorrhage. When the body encounters intense stimuli such as conflicts, it defends itself and can respond to chronic stress with hypertension, accompanied by stiff muscles, rapid breathing, and accelerated heart rate. Regular stressful situations – such as noise, conflict, pressure at work, lack of sleep, family problems, financial anxiety, and many others – can make us sick and indirectly result in nosebleeds. Stress is a cause of high blood pressure, which can then cause cardiovascular events, heart disease, kidney failure, or nosebleeds.

Physical Manifestations of Stress as an Alarm

Often caused by physical trauma such as a nasal fracture, by an infection, or by a coagulation disorder, a nosebleed can also be a physical manifestation of a state of moral distress. A high amount of neglected and untreated stress can lead to an unpredictable physical manifestation, such as a nosebleed. Indeed, this hemorrhage or overflow of the blood vessels acts as an alarm for a dangerous mental state, since, when subjected to stress, the body experiences fast and increased blood circulation.

Stop Nosebleeds Quickly

In any event, if you think your nosebleed is due to the stress that you regularly experience and you want to stop it quickly, consider picking up the Nozohaem treatment and always keeping it with you. Available in gel form, it’s easy to use and stops the bleeding instantly, so you can get back to your activities quickly.

Frequent and Close-Together Nosebleeds

In the event of recurrent and close-together nosebleeds, it’s important and necessary to consult a doctor so that they can perform an endoscopic examination in order to determine their cause, but also to detect a potential significant inherent disorder. Even if you’re convinced that your nosebleeds are due to chronic stress, you should still verify this with your doctor, because this hemorrhage expelled by the nose can be a symptom of a multitude of conditions. Among others, these include:

  • – Infections : rhinitis and sinusitis
  • – Trauma : nasal fracture, taking drugs, etc.
  • – High blood pressure
  • – Coagulation disorders and diseases
  • – Osler-Weber-Rendu disease
  • – Benign and malignant tumours of the nose and sinuses.