How Does Nozohaem Work?

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In the event of a nosebleed, the traditional method involves sitting down and pressing on your nose for about ten minutes until the blood coagulates and the damaged blood vessel closes back up. To save time and effectively alleviate a nosebleed, Nozohaem is a very practical solution.

Nozohaem: a gel to stop epistaxis

Nozohaem is a treatment in the form of a gel in a single-dose tube that helps quickly and effectively stop a nosebleed, whatever its cause (violent shock, intense emotion, temperature change, coagulation problems, etc.).

As discreet as it is practical, you can apply Nozohaem gel yourself to the nasal cavity, in total simplicity. And while the product works, you can return to your activities calmly.

Available without a prescription, you can find it easily at the pharmacy in the nose care or first aid section.

The principle behind Nozohaem

When a blood vessel is damaged, the natural healing process takes about ten days in total:

  • 1. The vessel wall contracts to stop the bleeding.
  • 2. The platelets bind to the collagen to form a plug.
  • 3. The plasma coagulates and fibrin filaments form a clot.
  • 4. The clot gradually dissolves and the blood circulates again in the vessel.

Since a nosebleed is restrictive and can start again at any time during healing, Nozohaem constitutes a supplementary aid to facilitate the healing process.

Concretely, Nozohaem gel exerts pressure on the nasal mucosa and the damaged blood vessel. It thus promotes the natural coagulation of the blood and stops the bleeding in an instant.

How to use Nozohaem

To use Nozohaem, you just have to follow three simple steps:

  • 1. Clean the blood in your nose by blowing your nose delicately. Then, insert the tip of the Nozohaem tube into the bleeding nostril, to a depth of 0.4 to 0.6 inches.
  • 2. Press the tube gently to insert all the gel into the nostril. With the thumb and index finger of the other hand, press lightly on both nostrils to hold the tip in place until the blood flow stops. Just a few minutes is enough. If necessary, use a second tube of Nozohaem.
  • 3. Wipe off the excess gel and let the product work for 30 minutes. Once the bleeding has stopped, the gel dries and disappears on its own, without leaving any unpleasant taste or odour behind. If you prefer, you can also remove it by gently blowing your nose.


Easy to use, Nozohaem gel accelerates the natural healing process of a nosebleed.

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