Can Nozohaem Be Used Safely?

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During nosebleeds, Nozohaem gel is a safe and effective complement to the natural healing process. It stops the flow, promotes coagulation, and accelerates the healing of the affected blood vessel. But can Nozohaem be used safely? Rest assured: the answer is yes, from age 2 to 125 ;-)!

Nozohaem: a safe and effective medication

In case of a nosebleed, Nozohaem gel is applied locally in the nasal cavity. Designed to be easy to use by yourself and your children, anywhere and at any time, this product is as safe as it is effective.

Nozohaem can stop light or heavier bleeding quickly and safely. It works naturally by applying a delicate pressure to the area of the bleeding. It thus promotes coagulation and the healing process.

Totally safe, it can even be used by children aged 2 and up. Furthermore, its special nozzle can be inserted to between 0.4 and 0.6 inches from the entrance to the nostril, without the risk of penetrating too deeply.

Finally, since it’s distributed in a single-dose format, each bottle of Nozohaem gel is used only once. This prevents any contamination of the nozzle and the product, which guarantees safe use.

Nozohaem: a natural composition

Nozohaem is essentially composed of natural ingredients, which increases its tolerance:

  • Purified water
  • Thickening agents that promote healing and stop nosebleeds
  • An antibacterial and antifungal preservative

Obviously, if you’re allergic or hypersensitive to one or more of the ingredients, don’t use Nozohaem.

The other advantages of Nozohaem

In addition to its safety, Nozohaem gel offers many advantages:

  • It stops nosebleeds, regardless of their origin.
  • You can apply it to yourself or to your child.
  • Thanks to the tip of the tube, the application of the gel is precise and practical.
  • The gel texture allows the product to attach itself better to the nasal wall, thus reducing healing time.
  • Its practical format makes it usable in all circumstances, in complete discretion.
  • The bleeding stops in an instant, as opposed to around fifteen minutes with the traditional method.
  • The gel allows for faster healing and protects the affected blood vessel, thus reducing the risk of further bleeding.
  • Nozohaem is available at the pharmacy, without a prescription.


If you suffer from nosebleeds, you can therefore pick up some Nozohaem gel. Easy to use, effective, and perfectly safe, it will put an end to your epistaxis in record time.

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