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How Nozohaem Works — Easy-to-Use

Natural healing process of bleeding may need extra support!
Nozohaem gel exerts pressure on the nasal mucosa and the bleeding vessel supporting the natural blood’s coagulation response in moments to stop the bleeding.

3 Easy Steps:


Clear the nose from the blood and place the tip of Nozohaem tube into the nostril, about 1 -1,5 cm.


Gently squeeze the tube to push all of the gel into the nostril with one hand while your other hand’ thumb and index apply light pressure on both nostrils to keep the tip in place until the flow of blood stops. Sometimes a second tube may be necessary.


Wipe away any excess and allow the gel to remain in the nose for 30 minutes. Once the bleeding has stopped, the gel may be left in the nostril to clear away naturally or it may be gently be blown out into a tissue.

Simplified Natural Healing Process for Nosbleeds

Damaged vessel, blood leaks out, the vessel wall reacts with constriction

Platelets aggregate to collagen to form a plug, then plasma coagulates and fibrin threads/clots are formed.

Fibrinolysis – The fibrin clot is dissolved and vessel healed within 10 days and blood flows normally


Nozohaem can be found in the Nasal Care or First-Aid section without prescription in the following retail outlets.
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+ What is a nosebleed?

A nosebleed or epistaxis as it is medically known, are very common and is one of the most common causes of bleeding.1

The nose contains many blood vessels. The vessels are often small and fragile and can burst easily which causes the nose to bleed through the nostrils or down the back of the throat.

There are two types of nosebleeds:2

ANTERIOR nosebleeds are from a burst vessel in the front of the nose. This type of nosebleed is the most common.

POSTERIOR nosebleeds are less common and can be a bleed from an artery or blood vessel at the rear of the nose.

+ How common are nosebleeds?

Nosebleeds are actually very common. Over half of the population will experience a nosebleed in their lifetime. While more than 10% of the population will have one or more nosebleeds a year, 7% have regular bleeding and around 4% seek medical consultation for their bleeds.4

+ How serious are nosebleeds?

Nosebleeds are usually self-limiting and will generally stop in time, but they should be taken seriously and if you are worried you should consult your doctor. Nozohaem is a safe effective way of stopping the bleeding quickly, without mess and fuss.

+ What causes nosebleeds?

There are many reasons why people get nosebleeds, the following are some of the common reasons2&3:

– Nose-picking
– Objects inside the nose
– Allergy and frequent use of nasal sprays
– Rhinitis and colds
– Chemical irritants
– Low humidity causing excessive dryness
– Pregnancy (1 in 5 women experience regular nosebleeds during pregnancy, most common from the second trimester)
– Coagulation problems – taking anti-coagulants or medical conditions and diseases affecting coagulation
– Trauma or knocks to the nose or head

Nosebleeds can also be associated, for example, with polyps, tumors or vascular malformations.

If you are concerned in any way about the cause of your nosebleed, consult your healthcare professional.

+ Can medication cause nosebleeds?

Some medication (anticoagulants, for example) can give rise to nosebleeds. There will usually be a warning to this effect on the packet.

+ Is Nozohaem safe to use?

Nozohaem is safe to use and can be used both for severe and for lighter bleeding. It works in a natural way, applying gentle pressure to the site of the bleeding supporting the natural clotting and healing process.

+ Do traditional remedies work?

Urban myths about stopping nosebleeds range from dropping a cold key down the back to the use of brown paper. Before the introduction of Nozohaem, the only sure, self-administered remedy was the use of tissues, handkerchiefs and a lot of patience.


What they say about us

“I suffer from Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia (HHT), an inherited disease that leads to malformed blood vessels. Of the many products that I have tried over the years, I have found Nozohaem to be the most convenient and simple to use. Once the nozzle of the small tube is inserted into the nose, the gel is squeezed into the nostril, and takes effect within minutes, stopping the flow of blood. I now carry spare tubes in my purse everywhere I go.”

Marlene Gill

“Both of my sons and I have Von Willebrand’s Type 2B. My two and a half year old has had six trips to the ER for infusions due to frustrating nosebleeds we can’t get stopped. My mom found out about Nozohaem, that will help stop a nosebleed, dissolves over time, and doesn’t break off the clot. I tried it on my son this last bleed and it worked! This could be life changing for us.”

Kelly Fish